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Auburn Chiropractic Newsletter from Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. for February 2017

Combined DC/MD Care is Beneficial

Doctors working together benefits patients. Working with a Auburn healthcare colleague to help one of our Auburn chiropractic patients is always an honor! A new study shows that when family medicine residents and chiropractors cooperatively care for older patients with back pain, everyone wins. Patients liked it. Both types of doctors liked getting to know each other’s treatment approaches. (1) While another study demonstrates that multidisciplinary conferences connecting many types of doctors lessen the use of spinal fusion for low back and improve the matching of surgical type to the proper patient type. (2) It’s all good! Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. is ready to help!

When Would Back Surgery Be Suitable?

Research reports that 88% of cervical radiculopathy patients and 70% of lumbar radiculopathy patients improve within 4 weeks of symptom onset. Therefore, prime timing for surgery for cervical radiculopathy (arm/upper extremity pain) is within 8 weeks of symptoms though 4 weeks may be considered and between 4 and 8 weeks for lumbar radiculopathy (leg/lower extremity pain). (3) Naturally, Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. works toward surgery necessity but knows when to refer appropriate patients for surgical care. There are times when it is. Trust Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. for your back and neck pain care needs.

Healthy Eating!

It’s not just a motto! Eating healthily lowers the risk of osteoporosis and improves bone mineral density. Those who eat more vegetables and fruits have less osteoposis and higher bone mineral density in middle and older age. If you are one of those Auburn chiropractic patients who don’t like vegetables much, you are in luck! Fruit more so than vegetables seems to be better. (4) Eat some fruit and vegetables today for less osteoporosis and pain tomorrow.

Back Pain’s Relationship to Vitamin D

Low vitamin D levels for Auburn chronic low back pain sufferers isn’t good. The good news is that vitamin D supplementation helps! An better vitamin D level aids to reduce pain intensity and improve function in chronic low back pain patients. (5) Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. thinks it’s nice that an easy intervention as a nutritional supplement may mean so much for back pain!

Cervical Spine and Tinnitus Related

Everything is connected! Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. knows this to be true! Researchers suggest that tinnitus may be improved when cervical spine disorders are improved. There is a connection between the dorsal cochlear nucleus in the auditory pathway and the cervical spine. (6) If tinnitus along with a cervical spine condition is an issue for you  or a friend, let’s see what Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. can do to help! Auburn chiropractic may help.

Obesity Increases Risk of Osteoporosis

It’s usually thought that osteoporosis occurs in thin people. Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. often thought that. But not now! New research finds that obesity is a major risk factor for osteoporosis since fat is used by inflammatory cytokines to negatively influence bone metabolism. (7) Now, that’s new news. All of us Auburn folks – thin and overweight – must be aware of osteoporosis risk and how to manage it.

If any of these topics affect you or a Auburn loved one, make a Auburn chiropractic appointment today with Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C.. It’s the first step toward relief!

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