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Auburn Back Pain with Hip Pain Helped with Exercise

Have you heard? Exercise is good. Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. bets you have! Whether we like it or not, we all need to exercise, move, and get our blood flowing! Auburn chiropractic patients are encouraged to do some sort of exercise as part of their whole treatment plan for hip pain as well as any related Auburn back pain with good reason.  It is good!


Since Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. treats a lot of musculoskeletal pain like back pain and neck pain and related arm and leg pain, new research was quite interesting! It reported the suggestion and use of exercise for many specific conditions. A list of exercises for assorted diseases – musculoskeletal system diseases like low back pain, hip fracture, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis – described the preventive and rehabilitative effects for each in addition to the correct intensity and frequency. (1) Patients with knee osteoarthritis found relief with isolated hip and leg strengthening exercises with improvement of their knee pain, function and quality of life. (2) Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. welcomes patients with knee, back and hip pain to our chiropractic practice.


Hip pain issues occur alone. Hip pain issues may come about along with low back issues like spinal stenosis. Hip xrays are not reliable on their own. MRIs are more dependable for confirming diagnosis. Hip pain may appear similar to lumbar spinal stenosis. (3) What Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. carefully examines for are non-spine related issues like avascular necrosis of the hip and hip fractures so that those may be co-managed as well. Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. makes sure our patients get the care they need!


Patients with non-specific mechanical low back pain are different in their pelvic, hip and knee movements while walking. They also are less able to extend their hip flexors and abductor muscles. (4) Researchers further explained that low back pain affected muscles of the lumbopelvic area. It is important for back pain sufferers. Changes in hip muscles may come from alterations in the cross-sectional area and volume of muscle. Why is this of value? It suggests that development of exercise programs to improve hip muscle function in back pain patients is essential. (5) Surgeons are even finding value in having patients who choose back surgery do “prehabilitation” exercises before back surgery as it improved range of motion, leg pain intensity, lumbar spine extensor muscle endurance and walking capacity…without adverse side effects. (6) Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. has treatment programs of exercise combined with evidence based spinal manipulation and nutrition to prevent back surgery when possible as well as56 pre-habilitate and rehabilitate Auburn back pain patients!

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Schedule a Auburn chiropractic appointment for your back pain and hip pain. Auburn chiropractic treatment plan will surely involve some of that exercise you’ve heard is good! Don’t fret. We will collaborate to ensure the exercise is good for you.

Dr. Le's Chiropractic & Wellness, L.L.C. may suggest exercise for hip pain relief along with other chiropractic care options. 
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